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IXYS Introduces a High-Voltage, High-Frequency Dual Analog Switch for Industrial Applications

Announcing the introduction of the CPC7512, a dual shunt-Isolated 1-form-A high-voltage, high-frequency analog switch that builds upon IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's design and fabrication expertise for industrial applications. This monolithic solid state device provides the switching functionality of two normally open (1-Form-A) solid state relays (SSRs) for high-frequency applications in a small economical package. Both switches incorporate a T-switch compensation technique to provide 60dB of off-isolation at 1MHz by minimizing open-state capacitive coupling.
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IXYS Expands Depletion-Mode MOSFET Family

Announcing the expansion of IXYS IC Division's depletion-mode MOSFET family, with voltage ratings from 60V to 800V, and low maximum Gate-to-Source threshold voltages from -2.9V to -3.9V, which means that with 'zero' gate voltage the devices are on.
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IXYS Offers Dual 1.5A MOSFET Gate Drivers in Small DFN Package With Widest Operating Voltage Range

Announcing the immediate availability of the popular IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 MOSFET gate drivers in a small 3x3 DFN package. The outputs of the IX4426/7/8M are capable of sourcing and sinking 1.5A, and can switch a 1000pF load in less than 10ns. For higher current requirements, the two outputs can be paralleled for a total of 3A peak sourcing and sinking current. The IX4426/7/8M devices have a wide operating voltage range of 4.5V to 35V, which is much higher than competitive parts. The inputs are TTL and CMOS compatible, and are virtually immune to latchup. The IX4426/7/8M are specified with an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.
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Non-Volatile Digital Programmable Capacitor

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  • Very Small Size: TSOT-6 (2.8mm x 2.9mm) & DFN-6 (2mm x 2mm)
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C


  • RFID Tags
  • Capacitive Sensor Trimming
  • VCXOs
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Tunable RF Stages
  • Industrial Wireless Control
January, 2015
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